Valley University of Science and Technology

The Founding body of the University is MUKAIRA FOUNDATION LTD, a company limited by shares, incorporated in Uganda. The company currently runs a private secondary school – VALLEY COLLEGE and another business entity – VALLEY WINES that deals in growing grapes and processing of wine. Company has sufficient land for University activities and even its expansion in future.

Mission: To develop skills in Innovation and Modern Technologies in Science and Business for Economic Development and Society Transformation. Motto: Education for Self-Reliance


Administrative Block
The university has an administrative block in place which houses all the administrative offices like Vice Chancellor’ office, academic registrars, finance office, dean of students, University secretary, offices for deans of faculties and all the other administrative and academic offices

Lecture rooms
The University has fully fledged resources to accommodate all programmes with enough lecture spaces. There are enough and well trained academic staff to facilitate the programmes.

The library: The University Library is well stocked with relevant books for the program. There are approximately 200 books and about 80,000 textbooks (e-books). The library is equipped with computers connected to the internet. Students will have access to computers to locate reading materials in the library because the institution has an internet connection. They will also be able to access the e-library from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

Science laboratories
The University has two science laboratories in place, and has also identified partners with good facilities to facilitate science training. Students offering science related programmes and course units will utilize the science laboratory for their practical study. The University will also utilize its enormous field laboratories like the animal farm, agricultural gardens and forests for their practical study.

Computer Laboratory
The University has fully fledged computer laboratory with a projector and over 50 computers connected to the internet to facilitate proper learning. All computer related course units will be facilitated in the computer laboratory to enable students have hands on experience and exposure to modern usage of ICT in their relevant programmes of study.

Health services
There is a Clinic/Sick bay in place to provide emergency and first line treatment before they can be referred to bigger health facilities.

Guest House
There is a well furnished guest house in place to cater for part-time and visiting lecturers’ accommodation.

The Board of Directors of Mukaira Foundation Ltd, resolved to start a private University to further strengthen its objectives as stated in its Articles and Memorandum of Association. This was after the realization that;

  • The policy of Government is to promote science, technology and innovations led economy.
  • There are limited private Universities producing graduates in sciences especially in rural based areas.
  • We want to bridge the gap by supporting Government in promotion of sciences by starting science based University
  • Challenges of Unemployment, unskilled labour, unhealthy population (e.g. Bushenyi has highest rate of malnutrition) can be solved by well trained professionals in the various fields of sciences e.g. agriculture, agro-processing, viticulture, management sciences that are essential in natural sciences
  • To be the Leading rural based University, providing practical knowledge and skills in new scientific methods of work for socio-economic development and transformation in a competitive environment.