St. Augustine International University | SAIU

St. Augustine International University | SAIU has attracted and retains a well-qualified, competent, and dedicated faculty & support staff to carry out its vision and mission. The Faculty provide three main functions of the University namely: teaching & learning, research & publication and community engagement. SAIU is a research driven University and its entire faculty actively carries out research in their respective areas of expertise.

St. Augustine International University – SAIU is accredited by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) to operate as a private University.


St. Augustine International University – SAIU’s curriculum is designed to offer graduate, undergraduate, diploma and certificate programs. The curriculum is student centered providing life-long learning, critical thinking, practical orientation, and job creation skills.

Mentorship: St. Augustine International University ensures that every student throughout the duration of their program has a network of mentors to help them succeed academically and prepare them to become leaders and contributing members of society.

Job Creation: St. Augustine International University – SAIU students and faculty will participate in research, consultancy, community engagement, and social entrepreneurship projects to gain hands on experience. The graduates will use the acquired knowledge and skills to create jobs for themselves and others.

Admission is based on individual merit.
Vision: To be recognized as a moral rearmament, job creation and innovation driven University.
Mission: To pursue research, teaching, and learning of international distinctions, academically current, innovative and responsive to local and global community needs.

Colleges: Agriculture, Law and Business, Engineering Sciences, ‘Health – Medicine & Life Sciences’.


  • Campus wide wireless network
  • Serene study environment
  • State of the art teaching and learning facilities
  • Small class sizes
  • Extensive collection of learning resources
  • Experienced and competent world class faculty