International Health Sciences University | IHSU

International Health Sciences University | IHSU is a private non-residential university in Uganda. IHSU has its main campus at 4686 St. Barnabas Road, Namuwongo, a southeastern section of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city. IHSU’s campus is located on the top floor of the building that houses International Hospital Kampala. The road distance from the central business district of the city to Namuwongo is approximately 6 kilometres.

International Health Sciences University | IHSU is a member of the International Medical Group, a conglomerate of health-related businesses.

International Health Sciences University | IHSU is a member of the International Medical Group, a conglomerate of health-related businesses that include: • International Hospital Kampala (IHK) – 200 bed state-of-the-art tertiary care hospital • International Air Ambulance (IAA) • International Medical Foundation (IMF) • International Health Sciences University (IHSU) – Began classes in 2008


The International Health Sciences University | IHSU incorporated the Uganda Health Management Institute | UHMI, and the International Hospital School of Nursing | IHSON as the two founding faculties of the university. IHSU has one school and one institute: Institute of Health Policy and Management and School of Nursing

Given the distance, remote-learning students need access to scholarly resources within the confines of their own work demands. The digital materials can be used by students and busy professionals on a 24/7 basis. The hybrid collection is continuously updated to satisfy any information needs. A hybrid information center for research and learning with over 20 online databases covering journals and e-books learning experience is enriched with up to date information.


To make a difference to health care by bridging the gaps in health care education through research and training in line with highest professional, academic, clinical standards and sharing knowledge to promote health development.

ICT is essential for the University to achieve its ambitious expansion plans and to operate on a day-to-day basis. It underpins our key activities, from research and learning to administration and third mission. The department ensures that expenditure on ICT hardware, applications, networks and the staff to run these in Schools and in central services fully meets the needs of the University staff and students. [email protected] makes infrastructural implementations and/or deployments mindful of the ambitions and wishes of the wider community -building a better future for our children and a healthier, cleaner tomorrow.

Institute of Public Health and Management 
Advanced Certificate in Applied ICT’s and Leadership
Institute of Allied Health Sciences Courses


IHSU library has for over the years been a center for research, training, teaching, learning, support and providing a conducive environment for work and study. Through its slogan “Read, Learn and Innovate at IHSU” library staff have made it a point to avail health care related information while adhering to the technological and educational advancements, thus bring about the general improvement of the students, staffs, researchers and community at large.

The IHSU library has a collection of over 3000 textbooks with various subjects and fields. In the previous academic years, the library budget has allowed for the purchase new books to support the current research needs of all students, staff and programs at the IHSU campuses.