Busoga University

Busoga University is a private (non-profit making) institution founded by the Church of Uganda under the Busoga Diocese. It is located 35km along Jinja-Iganga/Mbale Tororo highway and is situated in the Iganga Christian Missionary Society (CMS) Educational Village.

The university has study centres in Jinja, Kamuli, Bugiri, Kaliro, Pallisa, as well as a Resource Center in Iganga town. The University offers both Sciences and Arts programmes for the award of Post Graduate, Bachelors Degrees, Diplomas and certificates of Busoga University.

Busoga University library is set up has the Main library, which has got collection of reading materials of all the courses offered in the university and also libraries of Law, School of health sciences, Mass communication and Faculty of Education. Busoga University library has got satellite study rescource center libraries at various places such as Jinja, Kamuli, Iganga, Kaliro , Pallisa , and Bugiri. The library is connected to the internet, with 10 connected computers.

Students of Busoga University are required to reside in hostels gazetted and affiliated to the university. The office of the Director of Students’ Affairs allocates each student to single sex (Male and Female) hostel and this is emphasized in order to ensure accountability for each student. Students are encouraged to make accommodation payments for a full semester. All students provide meals for themselves while at the hostel and Lunch and breakfast can be accessed at the Guild canteen while on the campus.

The Busoga University health Unit “Burden’s Community Center’ offers diverse medical and healthy services both remedial and preventive diagnosis. The Laboratory concerns itself with examining samples of blood, stool and Urine for effective diagnosis. Burden Community Center also offers maternal Child-health and Family Planning Clinic deals with the immunization of children and students, contraceptives and Counseling services.