Al-Mustafa Islamic University College

Al-Mustafa Islamic University College is a private Islamic College in Uganda. Established in 2011, the College is a non – profit institution providing an enabling environment for students to achieve competence, creativity, condense for a global world.

Al-Mustafa Islamic University College is committed to making a major contribution to higher education in Uganda by establishing high quality programs and ensuring that its morally high-graduates are in high demand from employers .

Al-Mustafa Islamic University College is one of a number of branches opened in several Asian, European and African capitals with Hybrid training in religious and modern sciences. Initially, the College offers undergraduate programs.

Undergraduate courses: Al-Mustafa Islamic University College courses are Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in Religious studies, and Diploma in Education and a Certificate in Computer Application.

Admissions: Al-Mustafa Islamic University College admits students in August and February in the course of each Academic year, which runs from August to June. The enrolment for undergraduate degrees is open to students who are holders of a Secondary School Certificate and the appropriate A-level certificate. For all undergraduate degrees, candidates having an O-level certificate and having attained the age of 25 years can become eligible by passing the Al- Mustafa Islamic College Mature Age Entry Examination, which is to be held every year in January.

How to Apply: Al-Mustafa Islamic University College application forms may be downloaded from their website and printed out or acquired at the Registrar’s Office, Al Mustafa Islamic College at Kololo in Kampala. Uganda. Application forms may also be obtained by writing to the Registrar using the address provided. Please enclose a self addressed envelope so that the forms can be mailed back to you.

Co curricular activities: Al-Mustafa Islamic University College sports activities are football, basketball, netball, swimming and athletics.

Vision: Al-Mustafa Islamic College (AIC) vision is to be a premier institution of high valued training to desired excellence, preparing students for competitive job markets.

Mission: Al-Mustafa Islamic University College mission is to respond to societal and educational needs for an excellent, distinctive, Training and holistic Islamic education in Uganda. Al-Mustafa Islamic University College will service traditional age students as well as mature students across the world by delivering high quality programmes through innovative teaching methodologies that engage students in self-directed learning.