Kajjansi Flying School | KFS

The Kajjansi Flying School | KFS; Uganda’s premier UCAA Approved Air Training Organization: Conveniently located at Kajjansi Airfield between Kampala and Entebbe near beautiful Lake Victoria. The Kajjansi Flying School | KFS is a UCAA Approved Training Organization ATO and must meet stringent standards above those required for non-approved training facilities. The aircrafts, instructors and record keeping must be audited by the UCAA at least once per year to ensure w conform to these higher standards.


The Kajjansi Flying School | KFS is the only Approved Training Organization in Uganda. Instructing is mostly conducted in our fleet of C172 aircraft and we conduct training primarily for the Private Pilot Licence (PPL). The PPL course consists of a minimum of 40 hours flight time, which is stipulated by the UCAA Regulations. We also offer tail wheel and aerobatic instruction in our Great Lakes biplane. KFS is unique in having a UCAA Approved Pilot Examiner on staff which will make scheduling of your test easier and less expensive. All our Commercial charter pilots are Instructor Rated and take an active role in training the next generation of aviators. There is no formal time-table, and training is conducted at the student’s convenience whenever scheduling allows

Uganda is an ICAO recognized country, so once you receive your PPL license, you will be able to validate it in any ICAO recognized country, such as Europe, U.S., and other African countries, just mention a few.

The Fly Uganda brand represents three separate but complimentary companies: – Kampala Aeroclub – the founding company, established in 1997 and responsible for aircraft operations and leasing. – Kajjansi Flying School – Uganda’s only Approved Training Organisation, established in 2009 – Kampala Aero Maintenance – the fleet maintenance provider, established in 2004

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