Cardinal Nsubuga Memorial Primary School

Cardinal Nsubuga Memorial Primary School was established in 1992 by a Canadian sister and the then-current parish priest to help the many children in the area who were being orphaned by HIV/AIDS. The school began with 140 pupils and has since grown to 700.

Cardinal Nsubuga Memorial Primary School receives no funds from the government but charges fees – 50,000 shillings (approx. $29) per term in primary 1 and 2, 60,000 shillings (approx. $35) from primary 3 to 6 and 65,000 shillings (approx. $38) in primary 7. All boarders pay 170,000 shillings (approx. $100) per term.

Cardinal Nsubuga Memorial Primary School has 17 teachers but only 9 classrooms. Although it is Catholic affiliated, the school accepts children of all religions and has also given bursaries and scholastic materials to refuges from Sudan and Rwanda who attend the school.


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Kibuye Kampala, Central Region Uganda