Triple “P” Nursery And Primary School

Triple “P” Nursery And Primary School stands for Pupils, Parents and Planners of the school. These have been working together since 1998 to date and a lot has been achieved i n the past 12 years. The school is registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports REG. No. PPS/T/38, EMIS Number 300077


Triple “P” has been able to achieve it all in terms of academics through the following:

Goal setting through putting in extra efforts to achieve them in a targeted period of time.
Effective teaching and learning as a team following the national curriculum. And with this tool Triple “P” has always been seen on top among the few best schools in Primary leaving Examination results country wide.

Adjustment and flexibility in teaching through monitoring evaluation of performance both for teachers and children.
Strength of specialized teachers which bring about, self motivation, self direction and to a greater extent self evaluation.

Curriculum: The School operates according to the recommended thematic curriculum by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

However, at Triple “P” School, we found it useful to embrace several broad models of education in order to provide education alternatives. These include; the transmission model, freedom-based learning, social constructivism, critical pedagogy, spiritual and integral or holistic education.

Mission: To provide learners with quality education that will develop them into God-fearing, Socially acceptable, academically sound and physically fit citizens.

Core Values:

Justice for all

Facilities: At Triple “P” Nursery And Primary School, accommodation facilities are available for long distance students. Other Facilities include; Study facilities, Sports & Recreation.