The Ark kindergarten

The Ark kindergarten is a modern Christian early learning center that takes children from 8 months to 6 years and is located in the upscale suburbs of Uganda. We delight in making your child’s early years meaningful and deeply rooted in the values that matter.

The name Ark signifies made to save mankind. we believe that who ever enters the ark will not leave the same way because we are committed to ensure that your child receives a strong foundation thus our motto, ‘foundations matter’

The ark kindergarten is credited with revolutionizing learning by making it fun and motivating . We are proud of the hundreds of children who have graduated from our schools with a great foundation and are succeeding in various junior and primary schools.

Vision: To raise a God Fearing, confident generation that can survive in any environment. Mission: To Keep children safe, healthy, with the freedom to play and grow.

Why the ark Kindergarten is considered the best kindergarten in Uganda

Unique Thematic Curriculum
Natural bond with our learners
Use of innovative techniques
Excellent primary schools admission results
Excellent spoken and written English language and reading scheme.
Free inter-branch transfer
Child friendly stress free environment


At Ark kindergarten, we have taken a lot of time to integrate the early learning frame work with the international curriculum which has in turn made the Ark kindergarten very competitive and fun to learn. All children have six areas of development that we use to develop our subjects and also to measure performance.


Fees Structure: A flexible payment structure has been made to your convenience .For every period chosen, fees are paid at the beginning of that period.

Admission Requirements: On admission you are required to provide a passport photo of the child , a photocopy of the immunization card for the child and a photocopy of the parents identity card.

Upon Registration: A copy of parent identitiy card, A copy of immunization card, 2 passport photos.


The Ark kindergarten offers a variety of activities like; music, art, sports, dance, swimming, numeracy, social skills, manners, sand play,water play, physical education, nature studies , gardening, drammatic play, and puppetry among others

Daily schedule; Opening time: 7:00-8:00am and Departure time: 4:00-5:00 pm.