Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (HTTI)

Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (HTTI) started in mid of 1980’s after a feasibility study under the project UNDP/ILO/UG/30. The institute was established at Fairway Hotel in Kampala in 1989 as a pilot school under the ILO/UNDP. When Fairway Hotel was repossessed by its original owners in 1991, ILO/UNDP pulled out of the project, leaving it entirely to the Government of Uganda.

Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (HTTI) vision is to be the leading hands on trainer in Uganda of highly skilled workforce for the Hospitality industry.

Mission: Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (HTTI) mission is to produce highly skilled and competent workforce for the national and International hospitality industry.

Tourism Management Department: The department has the mandate to develop human resources, generate knowledge in the fields of Tourism Management. It offers Diploma in Tourism Management and Certificate in Tourism Management. The department also aims at promoting, sustainable utilization of natural and cultural resources for sustainable Tourism Development for the enhancement of socio-economic development and conservation.

Admission: Admission to Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (HTTI) for all applicants follows stipulated procedures set by the Ministry of Education and Sports under the national Council for Higher education and the Governing Body of the Institute. Recruitment through Joint Admission Board under the Ministry of Education and Sports accounts for 45% of diploma Students on Government Sponsorship. Private Sponsorship accounts for the remaining 55% for all Courses.

Their Mandate: Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (HTTI) is mandated to:-

Organize and conduct courses in Tourism, Hotel management and catering and to make provision for advancement, transmission and preservation of knowledge.
Conduct examination and grant certificates, Diplomas and other higher awards of the Institute and
Consult and cooperate with anybody or organization in or outside Uganda having similar functions.