Taibah International School | TIS

Taibah International School | TIS is a co-educational private, non-denominational school offering both the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and the Uganda National Curriculum examined by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB).

taibah-internationalTaibah International School is located at Bwebajja which is about 14 km from Kampala and 16 km from Entebbe about 1.5km off the main road, conveniently near to Entebbe International Airport. About 40% of the students are international who live outside Uganda. Students of all nationalities, races, religions and backgrounds are welcome.

History: Taibah International School started with 35 pupils in February 1994. There are now over 1200 pupils and students in the nursery, primary and secondary sections. Taibah International School is a household name in Uganda and the region. The school is built on a cool valley side, with breezes that keep the temperature pleasant even on a hot day.

Taibah_1Aim: Taibah International School aims at providing opportunities for students of all abilities and from all walks of life to develop their talents to the full.

The Taibah student is confident and prepared to survive in the real world right from a tender age. Taibah International School encourages independence of approach in the pursuit of excellence in all activities. It is important that every student will leave the school proud of his / her achievements, confident in his / her abilities and concerned for the needs of others.

Facilities: Taibah International School has facilities including main buildings for the primary and secondary sections and a cluster of classroom buildings including specialist areas e.g. Science and Computer Laboratories, Libraries, Music and other vocational studies rooms. Play Grounds and Swimming Pool.

Co-curricular: Contact days to Expositions, from Sports to Clubs. And, of course, our renowned National Theatre Production. All these add to the delivery of Confidence, Creativity and Critical Thinking.