Ambrosoli International Primary School

Ambrosoli International School is an international primary school in Kampala with a strong community feel. One of the top priorities of our school is to ensure that children feel safe, secure, happy and excited about their learning; when this is in place, children are most likely to be successful in reaching their personal targets. We allow access to a broad curriculum, enriched by after school clubs and activities. This is in order to allow experience of, and success in, a host of curriculum areas. Social and emotional wellbeing is also a very important part of this programme.

ambrosoliThe role of parents at Ambrosoli International School is paramount in this and we actively encourage parental support, advice and involvement. In all primary classes we use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) to support the teaching of thematic units at Ambrosoli International School.

These themes are relevant, creative, exciting, learning centered and internationally minded. It is a curriculum that is well matched to our children, staff and setting. Numeracy and literacy is largely taught outside the thematic units following the curriculum of England and Wales.

Curriculum The curriculum at Ambrosoli International School is based on the British curriculum with adaptations, as required, to match our international children, staff and setting. Every child receives a broad and balanced curriculum that includes numeracy, literacy, science, humanities (history and geography), art and design, music, physical education (PE), swimming, French, information computer technology (ICT) and personal and social health education (PSHE). From August 2013, started using the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) to support their curriculum.

This is an exciting step for Ambrosoli International School and will ensure that our themes are well linked, relevant and internationally minded. Numeracy and literacy will be taught largely outside the IPC themes following the British curriculum.  For more information about the IPC, use the following link

Admission and Registration Ambrosoli International School is a non-selective school which aims to educate students from the local and international communities within Uganda, providing where possible for the special needs of all its students.

Location: Plot 10/12 Binayomba St, (off Luthuli Ave), Bugolobi P.O. Box 10546 Kampala, Uganda