African Research and Management Institute (ARAMI)

African Research and Management Institute (ARAMI) is one of Africa’s most prestigious Management Institute primarily focusing on building capacity in General Management, Business management and related disciplines in both Public and Private sectors.


The institute runs on a strong team of professionals providing quality Management training, Research and consultancy services in the fields of General Management, Business Management, Banking, Finance, Accountancy, Economics, Public Health, information and Communication Technology and Human Resource Management to the private and public sectors. We provide innovative, practical training skills to its clients that encourage personal and professional development. ARAMI is renowned for its service excellence.

ARAMI brings together a committed consulting team that has a wealth of experience accumulated as a result of intervening in a number of organizations in different areas of management.

You can count on ARAMI Consultants to be thorough, detail oriented, and obsessed with helping you to improve your business and organizational performance. We believe that customer satisfaction is built around mutual trust and information sharing. Here at ARAMI, we celebrate every year as a year of Service Excellence.

OUR VISION: To be a center of excellence in management trainings.

OUR MISSION: To contribute to the development of transformed, equitable, high quality management trainings.

We have been able to thrive and diligently satisfy our clients and keep a natural smile on their faces because of or company philosophy which is based on three pillars. That is, Clients, Service Quality, and honesty and integrity. With this company Philosophy, we have been able to thrive and diligently satisfy our clients and keep a mutual working relationship.

    • Clients: Our client is the reason we exist. Our first responsibility is to guarantee maximum client satisfaction through value added services. Where we believe we cannot be able to add any value we decline and definitely we do not waste clients time.
    • Service and quality: Our basic business strategy is to take our time to clearly identify, understand and address the needs and wants of our clients. To us, top quality means giving our clients more than they expect and to continuously improve and bench mark with the best in the world.
    • Honesty and Integrity: Our dealings and our services are timely. We value our reputation, and through our actions, we strive to treat others, as we would like to be treated.

At African Research And Management Institute (ARAMI) We believe that management training not only benefits organizations through increased capability and capacity as a result of executing value-based projects, but that proper training leads to the development of the next generation of world-class leaders due to their superior reasoning skills.

This is why we have focused on creating training programs for all levels of an organization as well as for individuals seeking professional development to further their career.

In addition, we realize that a “one size fits all” training approach isn’t the best for satisfying varying customer needs across all types and sizes of organizations. This is why we have purposefully developed much of our training to be utilized in digital and blended delivery models where applicable, as well as the classical live training.
Live delivery utilizes highly qualified subject matter experts to present the instructional content in a classroom environment. Some programs are best suited for this type of delivery due to the high amount of interaction required between the students and instructor or because of the benefits of face to face soft skills training and workshop type exercises conducted in a team environment.

Digital delivery offers the lowest cost solution for technical training or when training large numbers of people. Utilizing Mind Pro, our web-based digital training and coaching system, we have proven that digital training can result in higher levels of knowledge transfer and comprehension due to the ability to train at your own pace, pause, replay and rewind videos, and search for relevant online coaching while working improvement projects.

Blended delivery often is the answer for those companies looking to reduce training costs while retaining the subject matter experts for training support, project coaching and mentoring students. This type of delivery can be molded to fit your company, for coaching and driving business results during project selection and execution.