Africa Population Institute

Africa Population Institute | API is an institution by professionals who had compassionate feelings for the transformation of Africa to achieve sustainable development. They decided to bring their experience, knowledge and skills together in order to build the capacity of others to enhance their performance in whatever they do.

Africa Population Institute now operates in 9 countries of Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi, DRC, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia Republic). Africa Population Institute is engaged in the provision of specialized services on Capacity Building, Research and Evaluations, Information Technology, Health marketing/ promotion, Organizational development and other multidisciplinary consultancy services.

Africa Population Institute Core programs

Capacity building program
Research and evaluation program
Health marketing/ health promotion program
Organizational Development
Information Technology

Strategic objectives

To provide trainings aimed at capacity building for sustainable Africa Development
To provide community services including consultancies within and outside Africa
To engineer the development of health related researches
To make greater economic contribution to the communities of Africa

Admissions: Africa Population Institute Minimum Entry requirements

Certificate of Education from your country or its equivalent with at least 4 credits
Must be fluent in both written and spoken English language
Two years work experience after school or at least some experience of an international exposure

Courses Offered on Africa Population Institute Distance Education

Diploma in Public Administration and Management
Diploma in International Relations Management
Diploma in Human Resource Management
Diploma in Public Health
Diploma in Project Planning and Management
Diploma in Business Administration and Management
Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration
Diploma in Logistics Procurement and Supply Chain Management
Diploma in Finance and Accounting

Learning Centers

Africa Population Institute Regional Office at Makerere University Estates via the Eastern Gate Opposite the University Police post
Arua: At West Nile Women Association adjacent to Uganda High Court
Juba: At Women Union Hall in Haineem Malakia opposite Uganda Consulate in southern Sudan.
Jinja: At Jinja town hall in Eastern Uganda
Gulu: At St Monica Conference hall in Gulu Northern Uganda
Kisoro: At Peace Education Trust (PET Uganda) South western Uganda

Goal: Africa Population Institute goal is to promote and strengthen the sustainability of capacity building programs that ensures people’s performance and productivity in Africa.

Vision: To raise a generation that is knowledgeable and skilful for the transformation of Africa through Education and Sensitization on Population and Health issues.

Mission: To Insinuate and empower the population with the knowledge and skills to be self reliance in the fight against poverty, ignorance and diseases.