Africa Institute For Strategic Management And Capacity Building

Africa Institute For Strategic Management And Capacity Building is a skills development and capacity building organization started with an aim of building capacity for different groups including the youth, rural women, tertiary students, graduates and corporate organisations. This is done through developing skills in their different career and vocational orientations.

AISMAC is a state-of-the-art learning and training resource center. It focuses on developing managers and providing opportunities for refining the skills needed to succeed in today’s business environment. Aismac is an unmatched team of professionals seasoned in all areas of the major concern in Capacity building. That is; Business Management, Human resource development, Sustainable Agriculture Management, Information technology Management and Research.

Academic Programms

Africa Institute For Strategic Management And Capacity Building offers,Diplomas,Certificates and short courses.
Africa Institute For Strategic Management And Capacity develop skills and support beneficiaries in the following areas:
Agriculture and agribusiness
Business Management
Information and Communication Technologies
Innovation Research

Other than training courses, AISMAC offers a range value-added services that are designed to help organizations ensure that they obtain enduring value from their investment. These services include:

Methodology development and customization
Change Management
Academic Curriculum development
Business models development
Systems development and Integration
Business Intelligence solutions
Coaching and mentoring services
Quantitative and qualitative research methods
Professional Recruitment Solutions
Management Training and Management Skills Development

To be a model institution in Africa globally recognized for its successful approaches to Skills development, education, health promotion and jobs and wealth creation.

To provide quality and holistic education and capacity building services in business, Management, agriculture, health , tourism, and technology through strategic management, innovation and research.