St. Peter’s Senior Secondary School Nsambya

St. Peter’s Senior Secondary School Nsambya is a mixed “O” and “A” Level Government Aided day school. It is none USE.

The School was founded in 1907 by the Mill Hill Fathers who later handed it over to Kampala Archdiocese as foundation Body and owner of the land.

In its history, the school has had several changes and transformations. Though it started as a Secondary School, at one time it was a Primary School, then a Junior Secondary School.

St. Peter's NsambyaThis was was in 1948 that it finally became a Senior Secondary School. It was in 1948 that it finally became a Senior Secondary School though it never became Government Aided until 1983.

Like probably any other institution the school moved through humble development phases, whereby for a long time it was housed in a few structures, centering around the grand “Fort Jesus”.

St. Peter's NsambyaHaving been assigned this important responsibility I took a moment to carefully study the environment and critically work with the stake holders to ensure a smooth transition and fair management of the school affairs.


The School is grateful to the Government of Uganda who granted the School the ADB IV Project through the Ministry of Education Science, Technology and Sports. This comprised of 4 Laboratories and a good number of Classrooms.

The top floor was constructed by the parents of this school. This is now the ‘A’ Level Wing.