St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School

St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School Naggalama is a Catholic-founded, non-profit making, private, co-educational, day and boarding school found in Naggalama Parish – Lugazi Diocese in the ecclesiastical province of Kampala Archdiocese in Uganda.

The school is located 34km on Kampala-Kayunga Rd., in Nabbale sub-county of Nakifuma county in Mukono district.

In providing quality education, the school is guided by some of the universal policies of the Catholic Church which are based on the Vatican documents like the Congregation for Catholic Education, Declaration on Christian Education – Gravissimum Educationis.

The Code of Canon Law (1983), The Holy Bible, and The Education Act 2008 as well as Lugazi Diocesan Educaiton Policy. Because of the need to attain academic excellence in most schools of Uganda today, St.Joseph’s Senior Secondary School Naggalama has a variety of programmes and activities that were designed to enable the students attain a high level of academic success.

Academic Programs Naggalama follows the curriculum preset by the Ministry of Education for secondary schools. All subjects are compulsory in S.1 and S.2 whereas some are optional at S.3. At A-Level, students are admitted for the subjects for which they will have excelled at UCE and in which their future career lies. Students are not allowed to change combinations without permission from the academic office.

O’Level Subjects: English, CRE, History, Geography, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics (Compulsory). Commerce/Literature in Luganda, Agriculture/ Fine Art, French/Luganda, Music, Computer Science, Literature in English (Optional).

A’Level Combinations: Physics, Economics, Art; Physics, Economics, Math; Biology, Chemistry, Math; Physics, Chemistry, Math; Physics, Chemistry, Biology; Literature, Economic, Divinity; History, Economics, Divinity; Math, Economics, Technical Drawing; History, Economics, Geography; History, Economics, Literature; Geography, Economics, Art; Literature, Economics, Geography; Divinity, Economics, Geography; History, Entreprenuership, Geography; Geography, Luganda, Art; History, Divinity, Literature; History, Economics, Luganda; History, Economics, Luganda; Math, Economics, Art.

Rules and Regulations

St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School Naggalama is a catholic founded non-profit making private co-educational day and boarding school under the management of Lugazi Diocese and the parents. The school aims to promote the unique development of each student intellectually, socially and spiritually by providing an environment “where young people maximise their potential in light of Christ’s teaching to confidently face future challenges”.

To realise this vision, the school endeavours to produce “God fearing, Christ centred, disciplined and self reliant individuals by imparting quality integrated education and instilling Christian values.” To this end, emphasis is placed on self-discipline and hard work, as embedded in the school motto: “Disciplined we succeed.” In order to achieve our objectives, the school has put in place guidelines and rules to enable each one of us contribute towards the integral development and formation of our children.


St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School Naggalama is a CATHOLIC FOUNDED SCHOOL and therefore follows Catholic Disciplines upon which Academic excellence is built. No one is therefore, expected to interfere in anyway or cause misdirection of the ideals of the founding body. In case of a breach of this regulation a person in breach shall suffer automatic expulsion from the school. I hope that each one of us has had enough time to study and understand the school rules with our children. We will therefore expect strict observance of these rules.