St. Joseph’s College Ombaci

St. Joseph’s College Ombaci is a Catholic founded school which was started in 1949 as a technical school for training war veterans of world war two, so as to equip them with skills for self employment.

After some period, the training for war veterans was phased out and the college turned to be a fully fledged technical institute. In 1971, the college became a secondary school now called “St. Joseph’s College Ombaci”.

The school is a government aided boys boarding school with “O” and “A” Levels, three streams each for O level and two streams each for A-Level offering both arts and science subjects.

The Schools has the moto “Primus Inter Pares” a latin statement translated into English as “First Among Equals”


Ombaci has a library stocked with a fair number of books for all the classes and including knowledge gaining books like the encyclopedia, old and latest journals, educative magazines and many other books which make a standard library. The school library takes an average of over 300 students at a time from a population of about 700 students.St Joseph's College Ombaci

The library is being stocked by several individuals, government agents, NGOs and other institutions who have taken an interest in the school because of its integrity, dignity and most of all the good performance and production of well behaved and disciplined students who have contributed positively in the outside world after completion of their study in the school.

The school library is also stocked with computers connected to the internet for students to get on line help without having to borrow books, each students is allocated a period of two hours a day to surf for knowledge.

The Sick bay
The school operates a sick-bay managed by a qualified school nurse. The sick-bay handles emergencies and first aid. Detailed treatment is obtained from the major health facilities located outside the school and at the expense of the sick student. On average, the school provides a conducive environment for learning.

St. Joseph’s College Ombaci has two main sources of water. The school bore hole which is located in the school compound, this produces clean water which is mostly used by the students as drinking water source.

The school also has piped water from a nearby water pump which supplies the most water to the students at times where the borehole is crowded. This water is reserved in the tank shown on the left side of this page.

School Bus
St. Joseph’s College has acquired a brand new school bus which is used as the schools major means of transport to transports its beneficiaries to various places like taking students for seminars, tours, sports activities and and many other travels both short and long distance.