Notre Dame High School

At Notre Dame High School, our mission is to raise the next generation of Ugandans by pursuing them excellence in academic and practical skills, integrity in conduct and moral values so that each child of our school will become a responsible and productive citizen of Uganda.


The Notre Dame High School is located 85 miles from Kampala City, which is located in the Central Region of Uganda on Bukakata Road-Mukungwe Sub county Kirinda Village.


High Subjects: Physics, Chemistry,Biology, Agriculture, Mathematics, English,Christian Religion, Geography, Accounts, Technical Drawing, Computer Science, English Literature, Fine Art, Commerce, History and Swahili.

Vocational Subjects: Carpentry, Masonry, Tailoring, Mechanics, Building, Catering.


To provide school for children from absolute poor families who can’t afford secondary or vocational fees for their kids.
Education and training for helpless orphaned children in Mpigi Masaka, Ssembabule, Wkiso and Rakai Districts and make those children useful world citizens.

Catering, training and education disadvantaged girls who had drop-outs due to early pregnancies or lack of school fees on care.
Catering for basic health and nutrition of the children on school.
Researching into problems that affect adolescence learning, especially for girls.

The school discipline training statement

At Notre Dame High School, we endeavor to train our students to become good leaders by provision of conductive environment to students pursuing excellence in academic and practical skills and in which the rights and needs of students are met and protected.

On our school:

The children learn and the teachers teach.
Children make choices and take the responsibility to experience the consequences of these choices in order to build moral character.
We are teaching our students with a Biblical perspective. Our slogan is Proverbs 22:6 ’’Teach your children to choose the right path, and when they are older they remain upon it.’’

Basic disciplines at Notre Dame High School

We are training the hearts of our students and creating a moral bank in the heart of our students, we care for so far that they know how to govern themselves from within, rather than from outside.
We are training the minds of our students by providing them formal education.
We are training the body of our students we care for by promotion of extra curricula activities like sports, music, creative arts, crafts etc.