Nabisunsa Girls’ Secondary School

Nabisunsa Girls’ Secondary School is a Girls’ only Secondary School and Uganda government funded located in the capital city Kampala and within Nakawa division, Kyambogo parish along Kampala – Jinja road just seven kilometres from the Kampala city centre. It is around 7 miles off Jinja road, branch off from Banda trading centre to the left for about 70 metres and you reach the school gate.

Nabisunsa Girls’ Secondary School is a Muslim founded girl’s school in Kampala District headed by a Muslim headmistress. It holds classes from senior one through to senior six. The school is one of the oldest girls’ school and topmost performing in “Ordinary” and “Advanced” levels in Uganda. The student population of this middle class girls’ school is 1150 with a teaching staff of 70 (34 female, 36 male).

There are a total of 50 functional computers in Nabisunsa Girls’ Secondary School computer lab but only 40 are available to students giving a student computer ratio of 1:29. Out of the 50 computers, 20 are connected to Internet.

General Activities at Nabisunsa Girls’ Secondary School include sports, rotaract club, debate clubs, girl guides, environmental clubs quern completion, and other academic activities.

P.O. Box 30691, Kampala, Uganda