Kibuli Secondary School | KSS

Kibuli Secondary School | KSS is a co-educational boarding and government aided secondary school. Located in the Kibuli suburb in Kampala, Uganda. The Muslim faith-based but non-sectarian school sits on one of Kampala seven hills, Kibuli Hill, enjoying a reputation as a leading academic centre with a rich history of sporting achievements.

Kibuli Secondary School | KSS attracts students not only from Uganda, but even from the neighboring countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Somalia, and Sudan. Kibuli Secondary School | KSS population is 1541 with 4 streams per class from Senior 1  Senior 4 and two streams for the sciences and one for Arts from S.5  S.6. The official medium of communication for all classes is English, which is also the official language in Uganda. We offer a very wide curriculum at both 0 and Alevel, although a lot of emphasis is put on the sciences.

Curriculum: The subjects offered are at Kibuli Secondary School | KSS: mathematics, English physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, literature, additional mathematics, technical drawing, wood work, German, Arabic, Luganda, political education, Islamics, Christian religious education, computer, entrepreneurship, fine art, home economics food and nutrition, agriculture and general paper.

The first seven subjects are compulsory at 0 level whereas the rest are optional but at A level all are optional. Students offer four (4) principal subjects and general paper as the compulsory subsidiary subject.

Teacher Qualification: All teachers at Kibuli Secondary School | KSS are graduate teachers with more than half the staff with either a masters degree or already pursuing doctorates in various fields of study. Kibuli Secondary School has a relatively stable staff with a lot of teaching experience ranging from 5  20 years with continuous in service/refresher training.

Performance: Kibuli Secondary School has an excellent record as regards the students’ performance in the external examinations at both 0 and A level, 100% of our 0 level students join A level with excellent results and 100% of our A level students pass excellently and continue to universities and other tertiary institutions not only in Uganda but also abroad.

Facilities: These include classrooms, library, computer Lab, generator, Mosque, sports amenities, and student clubs. Accomodation: Dormitories/houses include kakungulu, Africa, Aghakhan and Luwangula

Extracurricular: Kibuli Secondary School | KSS students are exposed to variety of co-curricular activities like Sports, and through clubs like; Social Clubs, Debating Club, Music, Dance and Drama, Wild Life Club, First Aiders Club, Aids Club, Interact Club, Nkobazambogo Culture Club and the like.

The sports activities this school include football, basketball, net ball, table tennis, lawn tennis, volley ball, badminton, athletics and cricket. 100% of our students are involved in at least one or more of these co-curricular activities as they are carried out on inter-house or interclass competition basis and everyone must contribute in one way or the other.

Kibuli Secondary School | KSS P.O.Box 4216, Kampala, Uganda Head teacher’s office