Gombe Secondary School

Gombe Secondary School follows a syllabus provided by the National Curriculum Development Center in all subjects.

It accepts students from the age of 13 years into the lower school where they follow a comprehensive range of subjects in preparation for U.N.E.B examinations.


The “O” Level program is four years with S.1 and S.2 offering a range of up to 18 subjects while those in S.3 and S.4 will offer 10 subjects.

The “A” level program is two years and students will be allowed to take up to four principle subjects.

Subjects that are taught at Gombe.

English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Geography, Islam, C.R.E, Luganda, Literature, Arabic, German, French, Agriculture, Fine art, Technical drawing, Entrepreneurship, Commerce, Home management, Additional maths, Computer, Qur’an, Physical education and Piascy.

Examinations.gombe ss

They examine students with three categories of examinations;

Beginning of term(BOT) that is always given in the first week after of every term and contributes 40% to the overall marks of the term.

End of term(EOT) that is always given in the last two weeks of every term and contributes 60% to the overall marks of the term.

Continuous testing in every subject that makes our students in books and discussions.

School Fees Payments: Payment for all school dues should be made in the bank with the provided bank-slips.


The students enjoy a beautiful and comfortable learning environment. The school takes great pride in the appearance of the School and developing state-of-the-art facilities to meet the needs of our students.  Above is the mega Nnamasole kisosonkole girls hostel under construction with its artistic impression. It will accommodate over 600 girls