East High School Ntinda

East High School Ntinda is a private secondary school located in Ntinda Parish, Nakawa Sub county in Nakawa, Uganda

East High School Ntinda’s mission is to provide efficient and effective exposure to the students that will enhance knowledge, skills and virtues to excellence.

To offer quality education in a homely environment.
Effective self management and accountability.


East High School Ntinda operates a dispensary that is managed by a resident nurse and a visiting doctor who handle any form of simple and short term illnesses. Severe illnesses are normally referred to big hospitals for thorough review.

east high school intindaMEALS
The students are fed on a balanced diet with an emphasis on the saying that goes “ a healthy mind is a healthy body”
The Menu includes, Matooke, Rice, Posho, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, beans, eggs, peas, beef, Ground nut sauce and bread.

Football, Volleyball, basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton
Indoor games include
1. Chess, Scrabble
The School also has music, dance and drama festivals. They also have quite a number of clubs which include the Debate clubs, Red Ribbon club, Wild life club, scripture union club, interact club among others.