Baptist High School

Baptist High School – Kitebi, Kampala, is an epitome of high quality education. It is a mixed Day and Boarding secondary school offering Arts and Sciences at both ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels.The school boasts of excellent boarding facilities for both boys and girls.The school is Inter-Denominational. Students attend prayers according to their religious affiliation as declared by their parents on admission.

Vision: To produce future citizens who are morally, socially and academically successful. To promote ethical practices

baptist high school

Once you join Baptist High School, you have no alternative but to be Disciplined and Determined (D.D). These two are the key to our success.


Mission: To provide an all -round education which emphasizes the moral and intellectual development of the learners.
Motto: Discipline and Determination.
Core values: Discipline – Moral uprightness – God fearing – Integrity – Smartness.


School library:
The school library is found in the COMMONWEALTH COMPLEX on the ground floor. It’s one of the best libraries so far among the best schools in Uganda. This library has two sections one on the left hand and the other on the right hand side.


Physics Lab:
The school Physics lab is a well maintain Lab with all necessary equipments required to perform experiments in all Levels. All physics practicals are done in the lab. The process of issue and returning of equipments is at the same time strict as well as quick so that the students can devote their maximum time in performing experiments.

Chemistry Lab:
baptist high schoolThe chemistry is a well maintained Lab with every equipments and chemicals available for performing experiments. During experiments, students are assigned their own experiment table and each such table contains every necessary reagent for that experimental purpose. There is always an experienced teacher supervising the students as well as assisting them with all essential details.

Biology Lab:
The biology lab has all necessary biological equipments, samples and species for experimental purpose.

Sick bay:
We are upgrading our sick bay to a min-hospital at the level of a Health Centre 4 in collaboration with Lisa Medical Services – a reputable Medical organisation. Year 2015 will find us in full operation.


‘O’ Level ‘A’ level
English Physics History General Paper
Literature Chemistry Economics Geography
Christian R.E Biology Literature Divinity
Geography Commerce Math Fine Art
History Fine Art Physics Islamic R.E
Math Kiswahili Biology Luganda
Computer Luganda Entrepreneurship Computer
Islam R.E Entrepreneurship Sub Maths