Victorious Primary School – Mukono

Victorious Primary School – Mukono is a mixed boarding primary school located in Mbalala opposite Seeta High Mukono on your way to Jinja in Mukono district.

Victorious Primary School – Mukono is a home away from home with a spacious play ground, gardens with tall fruit trees providing a conducive atmosphere for learning and ensures that pupils have the opportunity to learn values and virtues that will make them better citizens. The teachers with knowledge and passion are able to groom your 21st Century person that will transform this world.

victorious pupils in classAdmission Procedure: Victorious Primary School – Mukono applicants are given both oral and written interviews and the results help in the assessment and placement of the child. After the interview the children are placed in different classes according to their abilities. Admissions are carried out on specific dates during the term. The dates are communicated to the parents and public through different communication channels that is notice board, circulars, SMS, meetings among others.

Objectives: Victorious Primary School objectives are;

  • To train up a person to have a relationship with their Creator
  • To Train persons who will easily interact and associate with one another.
  • To promote health practice that nourishes each person’s body
  • To equip the persons with skills that promote self-reliance and
  • To train persons who will excel in the different professions.

Facilities: Victorious Primary School – Mukono facilities include the following;

Health Care and Hygiene: Victorious Primary School – Mukono established the hygiene department to ensure the children and staff live in a clean and healthy environment. This is possible due to the presence of the school nurse and the sick bay at Victorious Primary School-Mukono.

Library: Victorious Primary School-Mukono has a library in its campus and this facility is under the supervision of Librarians.

Security: Victorious Primary School-Mukono is also fenced all round has in place a security department that ensures life, property and information is protected against unforeseen circumstances.

Mission: Victorious Primary School – Mukono mission is to provide education that develops a wholesome person.

Vision Statement: Victorious Primary School – Mukono vision is to Nurture a person to live a Victorious life.