The International Preschool

The International Preschool was established to meet the growing need of affordable high quality Child development and Child care facilities in Kampala – Uganda. International Preschool ensures personal, social emotional, cognitive, intellectual and physical development of a child at both national and international standards.

The International Preschool has an open door policy to prospective families and they always welcome every one.

Curriculum: The International Preschool philosophy and approach to education it through what children do best. Basing on what they already know, the school introduces new concepts but in a playful way, fronting fun, while the children learn indirectly. All children are provided a chance to learn at their own pace and appreciate it that way through songs, rhymes, role play and all other activities.

Other activities in The International Preschool curriculum include; Weekly Themes, Foreign Language, Violence Prevention, Sign Language, Smart Moves and Weekly Academics.

Child care centre: For the first time ever, The International Preschool child care center is open 24 hours! Longer than any other child care center in Uganda. It’s a sigh of relief to countless parents who are traumatized by the constant search for trustworthy caretakers as they randomly or routinely have to be away.

Child day care programs: The International Preschool has amazing programs for Toddlers (6 weeks – 12 months), Twaddle’s (2 – 3 years) and Pre-School (3 – 5 years). The International Preschool children undergo specific activities to help them learn and develop in many aspects; self sufficiency, social activity, language skills, physical development, reading, writing, and understanding the environment around them among others. At a later stage they strategically introduce their children to computer use in preparation for the modern world ahead of them. International Preschool child care programs are convenient if you are looking for:

  • Full time Child day care
  • Drop in care – in case you have urgent commitments
  • Part time care/ After school
  • After school tutoring and play
  • Reading and writing readiness


  • Library: The International Preschool library is designed as a getaway from the more active areas in the classroom and allows a place to relax. The children develop the motivation and skills necessary to read in this area.
  • Wooden Blocks & Toys: These naturally appeal to young children because they feel good to the touch, are symmetrical, and invite open-ended explorations.
  • Computers: At The International Preschool, children use computers to investigate questions, solve problems, and explore objects on a screen.
  • Outdoors: Outdoor play is essential for children’s health and well being. Children experience a sense of peace and pleasure when they take in fresh air, feel the warmth of the sun on their backs.
  • Sensory: Children need little introduction to playing with sensory items like; sand, water, noodles, cotton balls, rice, dry beans, shredded paper and more. Sensory experiences challenge children’s minds and promote all areas of development.

Vision & Mission: To be the center of excellence, quality, and convenience in child care and early child hood development by providing the best environment to ensure whole child development.

The International Preschool,, Old Kiira road.