YMCA Kampala

YMCA Kampala | YMCA is an international body for Christians of all ages, embracing mankind of all religious denominations. Uganda YMCA was founded in 1959 and has various Branches through out the country.

YMCA Comprehensive Institute is one of the Educational Programmes of the Branch. It has enjoyed a decade of rich and successful traditional provision of Qualitative Education.

ymca1Its mission is to promote the moral, spiritual and mental development of individuals. The institute aims at improving the quality of Education, Training, Leadership and development of research work. It champions issues at the highest level and is committed to assist all students in developing their potentials so that they may be creative, courageous and constructive citizens of the world.

Vision: YMCA dream is to build a self-sustainable institution that promotes growth and effective leadership and participation of all stakeholders in its programs and activities. To have a meaningful life with pleasant surroundings and help our nation to develop.

Goal: YMCA intends to increase sustainable development, service delivery and participation of the stakeholders in its activities.

Values: YMCA Kampala branch would wish to promote the following in addition to the general YMCA values;

  • Good reputation
  • Self reliance
  • Good leadership
  • Co-operation amongst staff and volunteers
  • Competency
  • Better face lift for the building
  • Recruitment of qualitative members

Academics: On the completion of the course successful students are awarded with either Certificates or Diplomas depending on the level of the course.

Examinations: The students appear for both internal and external exams set by the Institute, and UNEB / UBTEB and other International Examining Bodies respectively.


  • Diploma: Business Administration, Hotel & Institutional Catering, Computer Science, Accountancy, Secretarial and Administrative Studies, Customs Clearing and Forwarding, Business Studies, Project Planning and Management, Procurement & Logistics Management, Business Management, Travel and Tourism Management, Cosmetology, Industrial Art and Design, Journalism and Mass Communication, Early Childhood Development Teacher Education, Early Childhood Teacher Education, Electrical Engineering, Food Production, Guidance and Counselling, Fashions and Designing, Marketing.
  • Certificate: Secretarial Studies, Accountancy, Business Studies, Procurement & Logistics Management, Business Management, Business Administration, Customs Clearing and Forwarding, Cosmetology, Project Planning and Management, Computer Science, Travel and Tourism Management, Hotel & Institutional Catering, Hair Dressing, Beauty Therapy, Art and Design, Journalism and Media Studies, Early Childhood Development Teacher Education, Early Childhood Care and Parenting, Electrical Installations, Computer Applications, Fashions and Designing, Tailoring, Catering, Guidance and Counselling, HIV/AIDS Management and Palliative Care, Marketing, Purchasing & Supplies Management.


  • Basket Ball Court: YMCA basketball court is a multi-purpose, full-size outdoor basketball court designed for endless and quality play.The facility includes a shade structure with lights surrounding the court.
  • Conference hall: Excellent facilities for hosting conferences, workshops, symposium and meetings. The wide range of facilities can accommodate both small and large groups.
  • Information Technology Center: Currently the department has two well equipped computer labs with 150 computers which are fully networked with internet connection.
  • Library: A modern educational institution library is the life blood where knowledge is retrieved and circulated to learners.
  • Hostels and dinning.
  • Health & Safety.

Extra Curricular Activities

  1. The Games:Netball,Volleyball,Basketball, Football and Lawn Tennis, Athletics etc.
  2. Music Dance and Drama.
  3. Indoor Games, Mweso, Draught, Ludo, Go, Darts, etc.
  4. Debating

Students are encouraged to participate in these activities because we believe in the saying that a healthy mind, in a healthy body.